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There is nothing more annoying to landscapers and gardeners than flying back from vacation and finding their gardens crawling with weeds.

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Professional Weed Control

Weeds are the primary enemy for all plants across the world, as they are capable of sucking up the surrounding moisture, nutrients, and breeding ground from them until they die. Weeds can grow and spread in nearly every climate, making them one of the most dangerous threats to gardens and landscapes in Las Cruces. You can eliminate weeds from your garden in a variety of ways. Many amateur landscapers prefer pulling them out manually to ensure their seeds and roots don’t spread into the surrounding soil, putting them out permanently without damage to the surrounding plants. Some Las Cruces residents prefer spraying them with toxic herbicides so they can take out a whole clump at a time. Weeds can grow between concrete slabs, exposed earth between sidewalks and fire hydrants, and anywhere with the slightest hint of moisture and sunlight. Weeds are an awful threat for food producers and plantation owners as they can spread across Las Cruces’ fertile soil like wildfire and take over an entire farm in only a couple of months.

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Las Cruces Weed Control Report

The legislators of Las Cruces identify weeds as a nuisance in the city’s municipal code since they interfere with residents’ and business owners’ ability to enjoy life and property. A weed infestation can reduce the value of a residential or commercial property. The municipal code classifies it as a danger to businesses in the garden center, livestock, and agricultural industries.

The New Mexico State University report lists over 40 different kinds of weeds in the Las Cruces city proper, with more potentially evading discovery. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture states there are multiple weed species altogether comprising the second-largest threat to endangered plant species in the state, which it calls noxious plants. The Noxious Weeds Management Act directs the department to compile a list of plants that they deem troublesome and classify them as weeds.

The NMDA list separates weeds into three classes: A, B, and C. Class A weeds are spread in limited quantities around New Mexico or not currently present in the state. Class B species are found in only some portions of the state, while Class C species are widespread, with extermination in progress at a local level.

How Landscaping Las Cruces Will Get Rid of Your Weeds

Weed control in Las Cruces means stopping weeds’ nasty habit of returning to a clean landscape even after repetitive removal attempts. At Landscaping Las Cruces, our priority is to get rid of the weeds in your property permanently. We’re able to do this in a couple of ways.

Mulch, Thatch, Cardboard, and PaperIf you spot weeds in your yard, there is no telling how many seedlings it has been spreading on the surrounding ground. We will pull out any weeds and then cover the surrounding earth with mulch, thatch, cardboard, or newspapers to prevent water and sunlight from causing any dormant seeds to germinate.

Weeds on Your Pathways and Structures
Weeds can grow between the cracks in your driveway, garden path, pavement, and walls. We’ll eliminate them by spraying them with vinegar, non-toxic detergent, or other mild herbicides before filling in the cracks with weed-killing sand.

Have More Questions About Killing Weeds in Las Cruces?

If you have a weed infestation that you can’t seem to get under control, call our professional weed exterminators at Lush Landscaping Las Cruces, and we’ll take care of the problem. Weed seeds can slumber beneath your garden’s soil, waiting for the moment when you’ll disturb its surroundings so it can finally wake up. If you’d like to ask how to get rid of weeds quickly and permanently, call the Lush Landscaping Las Cruces hotline at (575) 205 1745 for a consultation.


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