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After you plan and execute a landscaping project, a contractor will give you instructions on how you can keep your greenery healthy and thriving if you don’t want to hire outside help.

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Lawn care is the most laborious part of having a private landscape because it can require hours of mowing, trimming, and weeding if you don’t want your investment to go to waste.

Without proper lawn care, your landscape may have a host of recurring problems that you’ll find impossible to eliminate. For example, lawn weeds are often impossible to get rid of without the correct herbicides, and they spread like wildfire through neighborhoods because their seeds can germinate quickly. If your neighbors are new homeowners or business owners like you who don’t know how to keep lawn weeds out of their garden as well, their precious flowers, trees, and shrubs might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Lawn care in Las Cruces means taking care of a lot of hardy desert plants and their pests. Plants like aloe vera need minimal watering and can survive in the harshest desert environments that alter between burning hot temperatures and the cold of desert nights. So, you can only imagine the resilience of the pests that can kill it.

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Las Cruces Lawn Service

What can you expect when you hire us? Lush Landscaping Las Cruces is a full-service lawn company in Las Cruces with hundreds of satisfied clients. Here are some of the services we can offer you.

Weed Removal – Weeds can grow in nearly every season, and they will suffocate your garden plants by stealing their surrounding soil’s moisture and nutrients. Lawn weeds can be deceptively beautiful as some of them have bright yellow flowers that can look like miniature daisies. Some types of weeds have seeds that the wind can easily carry, spreading them over to your neighbor’s lawn, up to the house down the street. We can remove weeds that occupy a large portion of your garden by using low toxicity herbicides. If you spot one or two seedlings starting to germinate near your flowers, we can remove them by hand. After we remove all the weeds in your landscape, we will apply mulch, thatch, or use garden fabrics to stop them from growing back again.

  • Mulch is a synthetic ground covering that prevents sunlight from nourishing weed seedlings
  • Thatch is organic matter that prevents weed implantation
  • Garden fabrics will cover weed-prone areas around shrubs and trees.

Drainage Improvement – If you notice some waterlogging in your lawn, maybe it’s time to clear your drain pipes or refresh your garden soil. Waterlogging can damage your house by spreading water near your house’s foundation when it rains. You can find traces of water damage by noticing mold on your basement walls and windows or having unexplainable leaks. The cause of waterlogging can be twofold: A lack of soil permeability and uneven garden topography. If it’s been years since your last garden soil refresh, layers of clay, thatch, and mulch can compact and prevent your yard from absorbing water. Uneven garden topography is a product of poor gutter and drainage placement that will cause parts of your yard to slope down and drive water onto your house’s walls.

Edging And Mowing – When we mow your lawn, mini-golf course, or garden, we will strategically cut only one-third of your grass’s length. A healthy patch of grass has stress-relief and cooling benefits. It absorbs ambient heat, allowing your house to cool down quicker. In the summer, many residents call our customer service hotlines to trim their warming Las Cruces lawns. We charge by the hour, so our lawn care services are some of the most cost-effective and highly-rated in the city.

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If you have questions about lawn care or how to make your garden look its best, call Lush Landscaping Las Cruces today at (575) 205 1745 for a consultation. Your garden deserves the highest standard of care, so get the best lawn care professionals in Las Cruces working for you today.


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