Landscape Design In Las Cruces, NM

Landscape design in Las Cruces, NM, is a way of life. More and more people are learning about the practicality of moving out of city centers, getting a work-from-home job, and staying indoors where they can indulge in hobbies and creature comforts.

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The real estate prices in Las Cruces are among the cheapest in the southwest, so many people across the country want to work and retire here, and they want to do it with a view.

If you’re planning to buy a house, construct a commercial property, or sell a home you already own in Las Cruces, adding landscape designs to its front and back yards will increase its property value and recreational amenities. According to scientific studies, excellent landscape designs help relieve stress, reduce the ambient temperature of nearby structures, and leave guests and passersby a clearer mental picture of your property.
A landscape designer will use rocks, slopes, and greenery in your property to help you express your individuality. The soil in Las Cruces can support a broad range of grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees, so you can go wild when designing your garden or mini-park. When you drive around the city, you’ll notice some homes and businesses with landscapes worthy of centerfold placements in lifestyle magazines.

Below are a few design inspirations and tips to help you achieve an original aesthetic.

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Landscape Design Examples In Las Cruces, NM

Make Use of Horizontal and Vertical Lines
It’s not uncommon for retirees and yuppies to buy acres and acres of land in Las Cruces that they can later develop into a garden, garage, or driveway. You can take a cue from Michal Nowak, a Polish designer who likes using horizontal and vertical lines to make a small backyard look huge. Create straight walkways that will cut across your garden instead of installing hedgerows that will block your line of sight. Ensure that the alignment of your outdoor lighting, landscape rocks, and other design elements will visually flow well with your house.

Maximizing Glass – In many suburbs across America, homeowners put plants and flowers in boxes under their windows because they don’t want to sacrifice backyard square footage. However, in Las Cruces, many residents get floor-to-ceiling windows that give them a full view of the outside world. More windows will let more natural light in, encourage kids to play outside more often, and give you a clearer perspective of your guests during garden parties.

Plants and Pools – Las Cruces is a city near the desert, so ponds, rivers, and lakes are few and far between. However, its arid summers make swimming pools a popular addition to the homes of its residents. Most of them want flowers and trees near their swimming pools so they can swim in the relative shade and enjoy an excellent view when the sun is beating down.

Xeriscape Landscape Design in Las Cruces

People often misspell the word Xeriscape on the internet, which is why you get it as the top result when you search terms like xenoscape landscape design Las Cruses or Zeroscape landscape design. Xeriscaping comes from the Greek word xeros, which means dry, and the entire word directly translates into dry landscapes in English. Xeriscape landscaping creates gardens that are low-maintenance and able to survive droughts with ease. It entails reducing lawn grass, grouping plant classes with similar water and fertilizer requirements, and choosing succulent plants that are often native to Las Cruces. Knowing the water requirements of your plants and herbs is essential for a xeric landscape. The trees, shrubs, flowers, and ornamental grass you’ll be choosing may have different water schedules and thirst levels. Here are some examples of popular local plants with low water requirements.

  • Sunburst honey locust tree
  • Zebra ornamental grass
  • Birds of paradise shrub
  • Angelina sedum ground cover

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